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About Black Note:


As a consumer, I have made it my business to help other people find high quality products I have used myself and been impressed with Black Note e-juice. This is what the world should be all about, letting others know what to buy and what to avoid. I personally follow the “do unto others what you would have them do unto you” rule. So because I love it when I read reviews and know what I should be trying, I do the same for others so I can be helpful, my way of giving back I guess.

As a tobacco smoker myself, I must state my disappointment in the e-liquid industry. Many companies have concentrated too much on the flavors rather than the quality of the tobacco itself. However I have realized that Black Note is the leading company in NET e-liquid products. They give their clients unmatched tobacco flavor. I mean without even tasting the bottle, you can already feel the smell of unused tobacco. You also get 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg/ ml of nicotine choices in the bottles you buy. The packaging if the bottle is enough to get you buying more and more and just placing the notebook packages on shelf somewhere like you would medals you have worn.

I love the fact that you not only get Black Note discount code (which can also be found on this site to use when shopping this Christmas and get to save some money as a Christmas present from the family, I enjoy that for every 5 bottles I return, I get one bottle flavor of my choice for free, shipping included. This means that every sixth bottle I get is free. You can also personalize the messages in the bottle. The company will print the message with a maximum of 260 characters on the bottle. A great way to make that gift- giving season special for your loved ones.

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Smokers Angel Voucher

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About Smokers Angel:

Smokers Angel Voucher

Smokers Angel emphasizes on its excellent features that no other product can rival. Any purchased e-cigarette is equipped with complete tools that a buyer needs. Smokers Angel also has comprehensive choices of nicotine levels; from -2.4%, to 0%. Most smokers, who replace their conventional cigarettes to an e-cigarette, want to reduce their smoking habit. If an electronic cig does not have various choices of nicotine levels, then it is useless.

Every purchase of a complete Smokers Angel set contains starter kit options, e-liquids and its refillable cartridges, and a charger. The price is not cheap, but it is not too pricey, either. All buyers can rest assured that they will get their fullest benefits because this product has a full refund. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is the main key of any reliable product, and Smokers Angel has it. Plus with the Smokers Angel coupon, it would be silly to not give them a try.

Almost all manufacturers of e-cigs claim that their products are the cheapest with the highest quality. As a matter of fact, we really have to use our logic when it comes to believing most. What is known however, is that high quality products should only use high-quality materials, which are processed through highly advanced technology and equipment. So, how can they be affordable? This is what Smokers Angel tries to show. This product is known well among its loyal clients, who have stated that they will not try any e-cig from any other brand.

There are reasons, why those loyal buyers keep buying Smokers Angel, though they can find similar products with lower prices. First, they know that their money is worth spending on the right products. Smokers Angel understands that quality comes up with a price, so they will never state that it comes at the cheapest price. You know very well that any e-cigarette that applies such a high quality for its e-liquid, which contains different nicotine levels and flavours.

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About Liberro: 

Liberro Voucher CodeLiberro Go- This is a great king sized electronic cigarette available in original and menthol flavors and in 0% and 1.8% nicotine levels to fit everyone’s tastes. Disposable cigarettes are perfect for a night out or to keep on standby at home or in the car. There’s no worry about charging or filling it; just open its packaging and start vaping!

Though a disposable electronic cigarette, the Liberro Go produces alot lot of vapor and gives you the throat hit you’d get from a traditional cigarette. Of course smoking from an e-cigarettes is never the same as smoking a normal cigarettes but they are very simialar.

With Liberro Go, you breathe in liquid nicotine which is exhaled as vapor. So though it looks like a cigarettes, and feels like you are smoking one, it has many health benefits. The Liberro Go can last as long as a pack of 20 cigarettes which is great for such a small device but be sure to properly dispose of the devices as they contain a battery, once you are finished with it.

The Liberro Go was not meant to be fashionable as it’s made for people who no longer want to smoke normal cigarettes and for those trying out e-cigarettes for the first time. However it does fit in nicely, and looks so much like a traditional cigarette that most people won’t even realize it’s an electronic cigarette!

The Liberro Go disposable electronic cigarette can be used practically anywhere in your front room, the pub and even the supermarket as it does not actually produce smoke; it does not burn. However some people won’t realize it’s not a real cigarette, and will think you are actually smoking inside, so you need to exercise caution while smoking the e-cigarette.

You can always buy your Liberro Go from However if you use the exclusive Liberro voucher, you can save on your next purchase. Click on the offer button above to use the discount code on the Liberro website.

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About Green Smoke: 

Green Smoke coupon

Green Smoke is a well established and much loved manufacturer of e-cigarettes. Their products are known to have a long battery life, a wide variety of flavors as well as varying nicotine levels. Below we consider in more detail their many benefits and overall quality.



  • Wide choice of flavors including mint, chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Also produce several authentic tobacco flavors.
  • Cartridge fits securely to the battery
  • Long battery life and easy to charge
  • Produces lots of vapour
  • Differing intensity of nicotine levels
  • Excellent customer service


Perhaps more variety of flavors could be introduced


Green Smoke make incredibly attractive e-cigarettes. They actually looks like a regular cigarette and are extremely lightweight. Although the tip of these e-cigarettes are green, they actually glow red when working, so look pretty authentic.

Nicotine Levels

Green Smoke e-cigarettes are available with 5 different nicotine levels. The strongest is 24mg with the weakest being at zero. This is a welcome addition for those who gradually want to reduce their intake of nicotine.

Range of flavors

All of the flavors that are produced are well executed and long lasting. They are probably some of the richest within the e-cigarette industry. A furher introduction from Green Smoke is that there are now 3 different types of imitation tobacco flavor. They are Absolute, Gold and Red Label. Although it is difficult to emulate the taste and smell of ‘real’ tobacco, they don’t do a bad job.

Similar Brands

There are a few alternative brands to Green Smoke that offer a similar vaping experience. Njoy e-cig is one of the closest brands to Green Smoke. Njoy offers disposable e-cigs, starter kits, vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories. They have it all. Their prices range from $5-$75 (you can get 10% discount by using these coupons) and the quality of their products is highly rated.

Battery Life

On average the battery should last up to a day with moderate use, before the need to recharge. The plug in USB charger is easy to use and the e-cigarette charges relatively quickly.


Green Smoke is very good value for money, especially when you take advantage of our Green Smoke coupon code. You get a well made and sturdy e-cigarette that produces lots of vapour, with a good battery life. It’s probably one of the best e-cigarettes on the current market.


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Vype Discount Code

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About Vype:

Vype coupon

The Vype Electronic Smoke Company is the very first venture by a large tobacco firm to produce an electric cigarette product designed for the UK market. Products and services presently sold by the company contain rechargeable 2-piece and disposable electronic cigarette devices. Rechargeable e-cigarettes also come stuffed in the form of starter kits offering everything necessary to begin vaping. Unlike many electronic cigarette businesses, Vype has concentrated its possibilities to 3 conservative flavours (for now). Including Traditional Flavour Bold, Traditional Flavour Normal and Menthol Regular.

The firm offers a single electronic cigarette starter kits, called the Vype refill starter. This starter kit comes at a market price of £14.99, including a portable hold event, 2 pre-charged constructed e-cigarettes (battery and cartomizer) and a USB charger. Customers get the choice between all three flavours provided by the organisation in this kit. Let’s discover the Vype refill electronic cigarette starter kit further.

Vype Aesthetics 

The Vype refill electronic cigarette starter kit comes with a few parts included. A tall dark and bright case houses the 2 completely constructed pre-charged electronic cigarette products that are accessible via a clear flip top. The casing has the brand and starter kits name in a cleanly incorporated manner. The brand is printed onto the flip top and also the USB adapter.

Moving onto the specific electronic cigarette product, there is not much that distinguishes it from many other e-cigarettes presently on the market. A bright battery and cork-coloured cartomizer are included on the device with a small printed company brand on the cartomizer. A simple colored ring on the cartomizers distinguishes between the various flavours offered. Even though this is surely a budget-considerate starter kit, everything appears to be of stable quality.  Overall, it is a significant looking e-cigarette kit for its price range.

Vype Flavors

As mentioned formerly, Vype provides consumers with the option between three flavours. This focus on three flavours may be the very best approach to take contemplating the casual overabundance of taste possibilities offered by competitors, which regularly absence anything of quality. None the less, the three flavours presently provided contain Traditional Flavour Bold, Traditional Flavour Normal and Menthol Regular. Nicotine content for the three flavours is as follows 16.8mg, 11.3mg and 11.4mg.
Vype’s electronic cigarette products are different from the other 2-piece electronic cigarette product on the market. Vaping requires screwing together the cartomizer and battery right into a single unit. Given that they come pre-assembled and pre-charged, all consumers of the starter kit are expected to get started fast. The Traditional Flavour Normal produced a significant quantity of vapour and had an enjoyable flavour. Overall, its a great budget electronic cigarette in terms of taste and vapour production.

Vype Battery 

Two batteries are contained in the refill starter kit, that really help ease any problems of having to tend to the vape while charging a battery. Receiving is achieved by attaching the battery to the USB adapter and to a USB energy source. It shouldn’t come as a shock that simple e-cigarette kit don’t add the main adapter.
Also, a 14-day return period is presented to give consumers assurance in the company. People interested in returning their products and services must proceed by calling the firm directly. Apart from their return policy, I was unable to uncover almost any indicated warranty.

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