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As a consumer, I have made it my business to help other people find high quality products I have used myself and been impressed with Black Note e-juice. This is what the world should be all about, letting others know what to buy and what to avoid. I personally follow the “do unto others what you would have them do unto you” rule. So because I love it when I read reviews and know what I should be trying, I do the same for others so I can be helpful, my way of giving back I guess.

As a tobacco smoker myself, I must state my disappointment in the e-liquid industry. Many companies have concentrated too much on the flavors rather than the quality of the tobacco itself. However I have realized that Black Note is the leading company in NET e-liquid products. They give their clients unmatched tobacco flavor. I mean without even tasting the bottle, you can already feel the smell of unused tobacco. You also get 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg/ ml of nicotine choices in the bottles you buy. The packaging if the bottle is enough to get you buying more and more and just placing the notebook packages on shelf somewhere like you would medals you have worn.

I love the fact that you not only get Black Note discount code (which can also be found on this site to use when shopping this Christmas and get to save some money as a Christmas present from the family, I enjoy that for every 5 bottles I return, I get one bottle flavor of my choice for free, shipping included. This means that every sixth bottle I get is free. You can also personalize the messages in the bottle. The company will print the message with a maximum of 260 characters on the bottle. A great way to make that gift- giving season special for your loved ones.

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