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About E-lite Cigs:

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Electronic cigarettes are cigarettes that turn its e-liquid into a vapor and that can be inhaled. The e-liquid which usually contain nicotine is flavored but unlike ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. E-lites are known for some of the first electronic cigarette. Since 2007 they’ve been developing and improving their e cig to bring pleasure and the most authentic electronic smoking experiences to users. They’ve been known for focusing their 2 piece design with disposable cartridge. They uses new technology, innovative ways, and accredited source of nicotine with highest standard of pharmaceutical grade. As for updates they’ve now released a new PCC e cigarette kit to the market called  E-Pro4’. Their company was known to be quick respondent in terms of costumers services. They provide all the convenient and classy services to the consumers and now you can save with the E-light coupon! As for their updated E cigarette kit, they were one of the biggest producers of e cigarettes in UK. They’re were one of those company that has the most convenient way of purchasing their products and one of the first to launch it on media such as TV advertisement, as way of promoting their brand.

E-lites provides highest rate of consumer satisfaction in terms of their product. Their new product E-Prof4 packaging is perfect for a starter kit, with one cartridge,and was made to be portable and is reusable unlike any cheaper brands. Inside its cases you find a Portable Charging Case, 2 batteries for long e cig life, 5 cartomizer and USB, and wall charger. The package soft touch and slightly rounded edges were made easy to slip in and out of the pocket’s user. Its battery were designed to resemble a normal cigarette with the raised rings. In overall its battery performance provides high quality and today you can recieve a special offer with the E-light promo code listed at the top.

In terms of its vapor and flavor E-lite has 3 available flavors all focusing on tobacco, the regular (red), light (gold) and menthol. Of course each flavor depends more on the users preference. They produce a vapor that is made of propylene gycol, a liquid that is commonly used in product such as toothpaste, perfumes and foods such as bakery product, water, flavorings(tobacco flavor) and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Each cartomizer or E-tip is equivalent to 40 cigarettes that will last for 400 inhalations. There cigarettes are known to be one of the most expensive in the market with each pack of 5 cartomizer costs £19.99. They offers a 7 day return policy for packs which are not open, a 6 mos battery warranties, and 12 mos warranty for charger and e packs. Their warranties gives the purchaser the rights by law. They also gives a good discount to every valued costumers and if you use the E-Lite discount code you can save even more.

E- lite offers options for their products, its costs includes E40 disposable 5 pack for £39.9, E40 reusable E cig for £21.99, E80 with long-life G9 battery and USB charger – £25.99, E200 with excellent starter kit – £39.99, DU03 a stylish smoking alternative – £49.99, E-Pro 40 – £64.99, E-Gar Disposable Electronic Cigar – £12.99. E-lite also offers refills that includes, CURV Refill 2x tips £7.99, CURV Refill 5X tips £17.99, CURV Refill 10X tips £34.99, CURV Refill 40X tips £129.99, and CURV Refill 100X tips £299.99.