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About Green Smoke: 

Green Smoke coupon

Green Smoke is a well established and much loved manufacturer of e-cigarettes. Their products are known to have a long battery life, a wide variety of flavors as well as varying nicotine levels. Below we consider in more detail their many benefits and overall quality.



  • Wide choice of flavors including mint, chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Also produce several authentic tobacco flavors.
  • Cartridge fits securely to the battery
  • Long battery life and easy to charge
  • Produces lots of vapour
  • Differing intensity of nicotine levels
  • Excellent customer service


Perhaps more variety of flavors could be introduced


Green Smoke make incredibly attractive e-cigarettes. They actually looks like a regular cigarette and are extremely lightweight. Although the tip of these e-cigarettes are green, they actually glow red when working, so look pretty authentic.

Nicotine Levels

Green Smoke e-cigarettes are available with 5 different nicotine levels. The strongest is 24mg with the weakest being at zero. This is a welcome addition for those who gradually want to reduce their intake of nicotine.

Range of flavors

All of the flavors that are produced are well executed and long lasting. They are probably some of the richest within the e-cigarette industry. A furher introduction from Green Smoke is that there are now 3 different types of imitation tobacco flavor. They are Absolute, Gold and Red Label. Although it is difficult to emulate the taste and smell of ‘real’ tobacco, they don’t do a bad job.

Similar Brands

There are a few alternative brands to Green Smoke that offer a similar vaping experience. Njoy e-cig is one of the closest brands to Green Smoke. Njoy offers disposable e-cigs, starter kits, vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories. They have it all. Their prices range from $5-$75 (you can get 10% discount by using these coupons) and the quality of their products is highly rated.

Battery Life

On average the battery should last up to a day with moderate use, before the need to recharge. The plug in USB charger is easy to use and the e-cigarette charges relatively quickly.


Green Smoke is very good value for money, especially when you take advantage of our Green Smoke coupon code. You get a well made and sturdy e-cigarette that produces lots of vapour, with a good battery life. It’s probably one of the best e-cigarettes on the current market.