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Liberro Voucher CodeLiberro Go- This is a great king sized electronic cigarette available in original and menthol flavors and in 0% and 1.8% nicotine levels to fit everyone’s tastes. Disposable cigarettes are perfect for a night out or to keep on standby at home or in the car. There’s no worry about charging or filling it; just open its packaging and start vaping!

Though a disposable electronic cigarette, the Liberro Go produces alot lot of vapor and gives you the throat hit you’d get from a traditional cigarette. Of course smoking from an e-cigarettes is never the same as smoking a normal cigarettes but they are very simialar.

With Liberro Go, you breathe in liquid nicotine which is exhaled as vapor. So though it looks like a cigarettes, and feels like you are smoking one, it has many health benefits. The Liberro Go can last as long as a pack of 20 cigarettes which is great for such a small device but be sure to properly dispose of the devices as they contain a battery, once you are finished with it.

The Liberro Go was not meant to be fashionable as it’s made for people who no longer want to smoke normal cigarettes and for those trying out e-cigarettes for the first time. However it does fit in nicely, and looks so much like a traditional cigarette that most people won’t even realize it’s an electronic cigarette!

The Liberro Go disposable electronic cigarette can be used practically anywhere in your front room, the pub and even the supermarket as it does not actually produce smoke; it does not burn. However some people won’t realize it’s not a real cigarette, and will think you are actually smoking inside, so you need to exercise caution while smoking the e-cigarette.

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