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About Vapouriz:

Vapouriz discount codeVapouriz just hit the markets 3 years ago and welcomes new participants for their labels. A special experience is waiting for customers who try out the products. Vapouriz is to be manufactured and distributed from the UK. Residents are given preferential treatment, but it is possible to export these products. Consistent updates are introduced for a varied audience to follow. People likely want to research some of the prominent vapors that get released for market vendors. A wide selection is currently listed through sales pages and vaporizer catalogs in the UK.

Nicotine Content For Users:

Many newcomers are worried about the nicotine content that they ingest. Vapouriz is proud of the limitations that they impose as part of production. It is possible to order fluids that contain no trace amounts of nicotine. Solutions are capped at around 2.4% as per manufacturing orders. Regulations have monitored the content of fluids and introduce specifications for vendors. Flavors are based around traditional tobacco content, including menthol options for experienced users. The order form will give customers a chance to place requests as part of the agreement. Careful adaptations are based around chemistry from the lab itself.

Explore Fun Liquid Flavors:

A surprising array of flavors are now found among Vapouriz liquids. Flavors are introduced as part of a new agreement. Of course, traditional tobacco content is always a major draw. Gin and Tonic has fared well among UK audiences. Manufacturers have also added a hint of lime as part of a sales strategy. Dark black cherry has a flavorful aroma that attracts attention from users. Battery life may keep vaporizers running up to eight hours per usage. Long time users can switch out cartridges to enjoy distinct flavors. A device must be maintained according to safety standards over time. Apple, pomegranate and banana will add a fruity experience for those willing.

Discount Offers Now Available:

There are codes to be used to reduce the final price tag. Customers have to be willing to follow arrangements as part of new arrangements from Vapouriz. Constant updates will encourage members to get involved. Discount offers are listed for experienced users to try accordingly. Up to 10% off may be included as part of a package rate. Typing in the codes should be enough to activate the results as necessary. Feedback has mentioned that great interaction is part of any significant deal.

Advice From The Manufacturer:

These discounts and codes are only activated once a delivery method is selected. Vapouriz is a worldwide leading brand in the industry itself. Quality control testing has ensured that these fluids are safe to try for customers. Brand new flavors are endorsed by the team behind Vapouriz in the UK. The company itself is at the forefront of technology. Innovations are popular, but several leading investments are secured as well. The terrific Vapouriz experience is based around new arrangements for customers. Great savings and enjoyable vapors are possible with the 10% discount codes.

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Vapourlites Voucher Code

Vapourlites discount code Vapourlites Voucher Code

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CODE: Light

Vapourlites coupon code



About Vapourlites:

Vaporlites voucher codeVapourlites is a UK based company that manufactures e-Cigarettes. This product comes in a pack that contains a disposable eCigarette and a starter kit. The starter kit contains one USB charger, one cartomizer and one battery. This eCigarette contains menthol with as minimal vapor as possible which makes its vapor less than that of its competitors. This may be a god thing for those smokers who prefer fewer vapors when it comes to their eCigarettes.

This eCigarette also has a menthol kind of a throat hit. This product does not come along with refills but you can purchase the refills from their website at 16.35 dollars per a 5-pack which is a bit expensive but with the Vapourlites voucher code it won’t be! The Vapourlites starter kit comes with a fair price of 16 dollars which is quite okay. The main issue happens to be the fact that it comes with just a single cartomizer as well as a single battery. If you happen to head out of town without purchasing your Vapourlites eCigarette brand, you may eventually run out since the starter kit does not have refills.

When it comes to Vapourlites eCigarette as a product on its own, this might be the shortest eCigarette with a length of 3 inches. When it comes to the width, this eCigarette is not as thin as its competitors it is a bit fat. It has a generic tobacco taste and the general vapor output is way better than its refill. The throat hit on the other side is averagely okay though it does not come with the huge drag you would expect.

It contains 16mg nicotine strength as well. As compared to its competitor this eCigarette is way better since it lasts way longer and you do not have to frequently experience the ‘you’re done syndrome’. However, there is a slight confusion when it comes to the eCigarette and the cartomizer. Vapourlites claim that their eCigarette lasts equivalent to 15 regular cigarettes while as its singular cartomizer lasts equivalent to 40 cigarettes, when it comes to their sizes, both the eCigarette and the cartomizer are fairly the same. The confusion happens to be what goes out before what?

These eCigarettes are an ideal purchase since they only cost 6 dollar and when it comes to taste they do not have a bad one. They are also an ideal purchase since they end up serving the purpose they are meant to serve, satisfying smokers need to smoke and keeping them away from cigarettes. Vapourlites also sells starter kits that have two batteries and six cartomizers at an affordable price of 39.25 dollars and you can use the Vapourlites coupon to save. On top of their affordable prices they also have The Vapourlite coupon ensures that their customers get instant discounts and direct savings as well.

The vapourlites discount code is available for all their eCigarettes, both disposable and reusable. All you have to do is ensure that you claim your discount right before you check out so as to ensure that the required money is taken off your order. This exclusive offer gives you a chance to save up to 17% even on products that already have a discount.

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E-Lite Discount Code


E-lite discount codeE-Lite Discount Code

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CODE: Lite

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About E-lite Cigs:

E-lite coupon

Electronic cigarettes are cigarettes that turn its e-liquid into a vapor and that can be inhaled. The e-liquid which usually contain nicotine is flavored but unlike ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. E-lites are known for some of the first electronic cigarette. Since 2007 they’ve been developing and improving their e cig to bring pleasure and the most authentic electronic smoking experiences to users. They’ve been known for focusing their 2 piece design with disposable cartridge. They uses new technology, innovative ways, and accredited source of nicotine with highest standard of pharmaceutical grade. As for updates they’ve now released a new PCC e cigarette kit to the market called  E-Pro4’. Their company was known to be quick respondent in terms of costumers services. They provide all the convenient and classy services to the consumers and now you can save with the E-light coupon! As for their updated E cigarette kit, they were one of the biggest producers of e cigarettes in UK. They’re were one of those company that has the most convenient way of purchasing their products and one of the first to launch it on media such as TV advertisement, as way of promoting their brand.

E-lites provides highest rate of consumer satisfaction in terms of their product. Their new product E-Prof4 packaging is perfect for a starter kit, with one cartridge,and was made to be portable and is reusable unlike any cheaper brands. Inside its cases you find a Portable Charging Case, 2 batteries for long e cig life, 5 cartomizer and USB, and wall charger. The package soft touch and slightly rounded edges were made easy to slip in and out of the pocket’s user. Its battery were designed to resemble a normal cigarette with the raised rings. In overall its battery performance provides high quality and today you can recieve a special offer with the E-light promo code listed at the top.

In terms of its vapor and flavor E-lite has 3 available flavors all focusing on tobacco, the regular (red), light (gold) and menthol. Of course each flavor depends more on the users preference. They produce a vapor that is made of propylene gycol, a liquid that is commonly used in product such as toothpaste, perfumes and foods such as bakery product, water, flavorings(tobacco flavor) and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Each cartomizer or E-tip is equivalent to 40 cigarettes that will last for 400 inhalations. There cigarettes are known to be one of the most expensive in the market with each pack of 5 cartomizer costs £19.99. They offers a 7 day return policy for packs which are not open, a 6 mos battery warranties, and 12 mos warranty for charger and e packs. Their warranties gives the purchaser the rights by law. They also gives a good discount to every valued costumers and if you use the E-Lite discount code you can save even more.

E- lite offers options for their products, its costs includes E40 disposable 5 pack for £39.9, E40 reusable E cig for £21.99, E80 with long-life G9 battery and USB charger – £25.99, E200 with excellent starter kit – £39.99, DU03 a stylish smoking alternative – £49.99, E-Pro 40 – £64.99, E-Gar Disposable Electronic Cigar – £12.99. E-lite also offers refills that includes, CURV Refill 2x tips £7.99, CURV Refill 5X tips £17.99, CURV Refill 10X tips £34.99, CURV Refill 40X tips £129.99, and CURV Refill 100X tips £299.99.


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Apollo E-Cig Discount Code


Apollo E-cig discount codeApollo E-Cig Discount Code

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About Apollo E-Cig’s:

Apollo E-cig couponEven though today most everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking, there are still millions of people that smoke despite the health risks and warnings. Part of the reason that people are still smoking even knowing that they are risking their health, is because nicotine – found in traditional cigarettes – is extremely addicting making it very difficult to quit smoking. However, Marvin Junkers was able to quit smoking even after being a smoker of fifteen years by using Apollo E- Cigs.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are loaded with tar, nicotine and other toxins that are damaging to the health; not only for smokers, but also for those around them who inhale the smoke from the cigarettes. E-cigs, or electronic cigarettes, such as Apollo E-Cigs, are a great alternative that can actually help you quit smoking. E-cigs can have nicotine in them which will help with the nicotine cravings a smoker experiences when they are trying to quit; however, they do not have the tar and other toxins associated with regular cigarettes, making them a healthier alternative. Plus if you buy today using our limited time Apollo E-Cig discount code you can save store wide.

When you read about Apollo E-Cig , you will see how much smokers enjoy this e-cig. American made, these e-cigs are full of flavor so that you do not feel that you are losing out from smoking, while being healthier than regular cigarettes. The trick of e-cigs, other than the fact that they do not contain as many harmful ingredients, is that the vapor that is released into the air when the smoker exhales is non-toxic and quickly evaporates. This means that others around you will not be suffering from harmful smoke or the irritating smell of smoke that non-smokers can find offensive.

Another benefit of switching to Apollo E-Cigs, is that it saves the smoker a lot of money and you can save even more with this Apollo E-cig coupon. Traditional cigarettes are very expensive and can cost up to $10 a pack in some states! With E-Cigs, you can reuse them by refilling cartridges which ends up saving you lots of money as well as your health.

Marvin Junkers quit smoking simply by switching from traditional cigarettes to Apollo E-Cigs. Because e-cigs still give you some of the nicotine it makes it easier to quit without the nasty withdrawals; both physically and psychologically. A lot of times, getting over the physical dependency is only half the battle. Most smokers also associate smoking with certain activities, like driving or after eating a meal. Without having that ‘cigarette’ in their hand, they are also suffering from psychological and habitual withdrawals as well, which is how using e-cigs can help. The smoker can still get the psychological and habitual ‘fix’ by holding an e-cig that is shaped just like a regular cigarette, yet they are not getting the harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes.

Apollo E-cigs are one of the most popular e-cigs on the market because of their taste, affordability and ease of using and cleaning. Check out the Apollo E-Cigs to learn more about this e-cig and how it has helped other smokers.

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JacVapour Discount Code

JacVapour discount code

JacVapour Discount Code

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                                                                                  CODE: JACJAC

                                                                                 Save with this Jacvapour discount

About JacVapour E-Cig:

JacVapour promo

These days electronic cigarettes are getting very popular and day by day people are leaving the traditional cigarette and moving on to the electronic cigarettes, that’s not to mention the intensive campaign put out there against their intake, they are easily available around town and can also be found out easily on online stores. Among those one of the best e-cigarette is JacVapour. It is considered the best in the UK and has a good reputation around globe. People actually love its benefits and features, and they are very happy with it. Want to know why those people are happy with it? Read the below benefits of this JacVapour e-cigarette and JacVapour discount code.

It is affordable to buy

The reason this JacVapour e-cigarette is favored by the most people is because of its affordability. There are many types of starter kits been offered by JacVapour and from them you can buy the one which suits your needs and budgets the best. Most of other e-cigarettes don’t have this option, they have fixed prices and fixed category. You can’t opt for different personal preferences you would have to rather buy what is fixed and most of people don’t want. JacVapour focuses on the needs of the people and their preferences. Be sure to check out the JacVapour coupon to save on your next order. 

You can choose from many flavors

If you don’t like to stick on one flavor and prefer to changes the taste of these JacVapour e-cigarettes you are in the right place. JacVapour offers menthol cherry, tobacco, vanilla, cappuccino, mint, tobacco virgin and many other awesome flavors for your great taste bud experiences. This is one of the main reasons why people love this company; you can choose a flavor on your personal preferences. These flavors are made from high quality ingredients. The vapor production and strong flavor are considered as the top of the line features of these JacVapour e-cigarettes.

It is a user-friendly device

One of the most loved feature of JacVapour is that it is a user-friendly device. You will find the complete instruction along with it and will also learn how to refill the e-liquid. The instruction will also show you to how to clean it and how to properly use it for its longer lifetime. The user manual also describes its other function and contact details for customer service if you face any sort of issue with it. Most of the users find it easy to use JacVapour.

They are high quality, reliable, long-lasting, has lots of flavor to use from, very affordable, easy to use and above all loved by the people.


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