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About Vapourlites:

Vaporlites voucher codeVapourlites is a UK based company that manufactures e-Cigarettes. This product comes in a pack that contains a disposable eCigarette and a starter kit. The starter kit contains one USB charger, one cartomizer and one battery. This eCigarette contains menthol with as minimal vapor as possible which makes its vapor less than that of its competitors. This may be a god thing for those smokers who prefer fewer vapors when it comes to their eCigarettes.

This eCigarette also has a menthol kind of a throat hit. This product does not come along with refills but you can purchase the refills from their website at 16.35 dollars per a 5-pack which is a bit expensive but with the Vapourlites voucher code it won’t be! The Vapourlites starter kit comes with a fair price of 16 dollars which is quite okay. The main issue happens to be the fact that it comes with just a single cartomizer as well as a single battery. If you happen to head out of town without purchasing your Vapourlites eCigarette brand, you may eventually run out since the starter kit does not have refills.

When it comes to Vapourlites eCigarette as a product on its own, this might be the shortest eCigarette with a length of 3 inches. When it comes to the width, this eCigarette is not as thin as its competitors it is a bit fat. It has a generic tobacco taste and the general vapor output is way better than its refill. The throat hit on the other side is averagely okay though it does not come with the huge drag you would expect.

It contains 16mg nicotine strength as well. As compared to its competitor this eCigarette is way better since it lasts way longer and you do not have to frequently experience the ‘you’re done syndrome’. However, there is a slight confusion when it comes to the eCigarette and the cartomizer. Vapourlites claim that their eCigarette lasts equivalent to 15 regular cigarettes while as its singular cartomizer lasts equivalent to 40 cigarettes, when it comes to their sizes, both the eCigarette and the cartomizer are fairly the same. The confusion happens to be what goes out before what?

These eCigarettes are an ideal purchase since they only cost 6 dollar and when it comes to taste they do not have a bad one. They are also an ideal purchase since they end up serving the purpose they are meant to serve, satisfying smokers need to smoke and keeping them away from cigarettes. Vapourlites also sells starter kits that have two batteries and six cartomizers at an affordable price of 39.25 dollars and you can use the Vapourlites coupon to save. On top of their affordable prices they also have The Vapourlite coupon ensures that their customers get instant discounts and direct savings as well.

The vapourlites discount code is available for all their eCigarettes, both disposable and reusable. All you have to do is ensure that you claim your discount right before you check out so as to ensure that the required money is taken off your order. This exclusive offer gives you a chance to save up to 17% even on products that already have a discount.