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5 study tour places for gemmology students in UK

by lokesh kumar

Gemmology being the study of gems cannot be done simply sitting in a classroom. One has to visit different places, institutes, factories, etc. in order to get hands-on learning experience about developing and handling gemstones. First-hand experience gained this way goes a long way as it stimulates interest and heightens the curiosity of students.

  1. The Gemmological Association of Great Britain

This association situated at Hatton Gardens, London is one of the oldest institutes in the world to impart courses in the field of gemmology and jewellery education. The institution has been successfully running since such a long time that the faculty, the environment has a world full of experience. The environment has a lot to offer for gemmology students from other institutes as well and so this serves as a good place to organise a study tour for them. Such study tours are often conducted here and the staff and faculty are really helpful and informative.

  1. GIA, London

There is hardly a person interested in gemmology who hasn’t heard of the GIA. It has branches all over the world, among which one is situated in London. The location of this institute itself makes it a good place to organise student tours. It is situated near the Hatton Gardens which is the biggest jewellery area in London. GIA offers many varied certificate courses, diplomas and degrees in the field of gemmology. The campus is a wonderful learning experience which will expose students to jewellery houses, auction houses and also the Tower of London’s Jewel House. The students have a lot to gain from visits to these places as they get to learn not just about gemstones but also about jewellery designing, and business marketing of those jewels and ornaments in detail. Since these things prove beneficial in the further stages of career, it is best that students know about the field from all possible angles from the beginning itself.

  1. Little Gems Rock Shop, Norfolk, UK

This is different from the other two places mentioned which are proper institutes. Little Gems is a gemstone shop; it is relatively a small scale but a must-visit for students of gemmology. Here they can learn and even personally handle gemstones, especially lab grown diamonds uk. Information about different stones is given individually and students get to observe the cuts, incisions, shape, shine, etc. of these stones. Handling them gives a better idea and a close-up view of their making. Prior permission is required as it is a small scale business, the store will have to make provisions to host a student tour.

  1. Gems and jewellery exhibitions

London is famous for hosting jewellery exhibitions. A few of them also showcase individual gemstones that are not encased in any piece of jewellery. Visiting these exhibitions as a group of gemmology students also proves beneficial for enhancing knowledge and gaining a practical experience of gemstone development. The exhibitions often have detailed information in pamphlets about each stone, where it is from, how it has been developed, cut and shaped and also its beneficial uses. Students can make notes which can be used later for study purposes.

  1. Gemporia

Gemporia offers exciting gemstone hunting activities right in the city. Why only read and learn about gemstones, when you can find them yourselves. There are expeditions organised by Gemporia in neighbourhoods such asDerbyshire where you can find the Blue John Fluorite, Wales and Suffolk to find Welsh Gold and Amber, etc. An organised study tour to these expeditions will be loves by students as they will get hand-on experience through fun activities of gemstone hunting. It is a great way to encourage their interest in their field and plan for an adventurous day out as well.

Study tours help students learn better and move ahead in their field. It keeps education interesting and should be organised once every six months for any course. Learn more about lab grown diamond engagement rings through the tours as well.

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