5 Ways To Use Soy Protein To Build Muscle

Building muscle requires an intense workout, but this factor is not absolute. There should be an energy balance to support protein turnover during the exercise. Almost 20 calories per pound of body weight are necessary to build a pound of muscle mass. Experts suggest these extra calories should come from proteins. Unlike dietary carbohydrates that impart unnecessary fat, the protein will provide the essential amino acids to build healthy muscles. 


Soy proteins have received extensive attention from users and researchers globally in recent years. Adopting healthier lifestyles and inclination towards a vegan diet has made this protein option a viable choice for consumers. Soy proteins are plant-based and contain all essential amino acids that the human body can’t prepare itself. The recent popularity of soy depends on its multitude of health advantages. Studies show soy proteins can benefit women in pregnancy and menstruation. It can reduce LDL and triglycerides to promote a healthy heart. It is also helpful in reducing body weight, controlling diabetes, and preventing cancers. 


With soy helping build and maintain a healthy body, weight trainers and bodybuilders are also not exempted from its benefits. These people require protein supplements to support training and muscle building. It is a complete source of protein and can help develop muscles. Evidence supports the intake of soy as dietary protein can promote fat loss but preserve muscle mass and supports its growth. Moreover, like animal-based proteins, soy can aid weight-loss and its maintenance. Fortunately, many soy products are available on the market to boost your muscles. If you want to incorporate them into your daily routine, here are five such ways that can help. 


1. Feast On Soybeans 

One of the largest consumed beans, soybeans, is also known as the “King of Beans.” You can find it as oil or meal in many edible and non-edible products like cooking oil, feeds, food items, and even biodiesel.  Statistics say, between 2019-2025, the global market growth of soy will be around a CAGR of 4-5 percent. With the U.S. producing the highest amount of soy, almost 108 million metric tons, ussoy.org is practicing sustainable growing practices that provide superior products. 

Consuming raw mature soybeans involves soaking them overnight. You can either let them sprout or pressure-cook and use them in salads or with grains. In case you do not like the taste of boiled beans, mash, or blend them for further use.

For dried uncooked soybeans, roast like peanuts or coarsely grind to have it as a meat alternative. Although there is a general recommendation of a specific amount of protein intake for bodybuilding, it’s better to consult your dietitian before using it. 


2. Cook Edamame

These are the whole beans that are harvested before maturity. These beans are more like pea- green in color and sweet in taste. You can boil them like any legume and use them as a snack or a cooked green vegetable. As these are rich in vitamins A and B, it’s better to cook them within hours after picking. A cup of cooked Edamame consists of almost 300 calories and 30 grams of protein, making it ideal for increasing muscle mass. 


3. Try Textured Soy Protein 

These are made of soy flour or concentrates. These products retain almost 70 percent of protein and dietary fiber. These are the most available soy products, and you find them as dried granules or chunks. Upon hydration, they provide a chewy texture that can be widely used as an alternative to meat products. 


4. Eat Tofu Regularly

Tofu is easy to make. Curdle soy milk with any citrus product like vinegar or lemon to make tofu. Like feta cheese, you can use it in salad dressings, sauces, and dips. For soups and stir-fry, tofu chunks are the best. It is easily digestible, and its preparations can replace scrambled eggs and ground meat. With tofu in your kitchen, you get a chance to make a variety of healthy dishes good for your muscles.


5. Drink Soy Milk

Veganism and lactose intolerance both give rise to the increasing demand for soy milk. Its global market was valued at more than USD 7 billion in 2018. Soy milk is a good source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and antioxidants. From improving brain health to maintaining nerve cells, this product is immensely nutritious when added to the diet. With high protein content, many bodybuilders support its usage for healthy muscles and organs.



Soy is incredibly versatile. Every culture has its unique practice to include it in its cuisine. Full of macronutrients, it is one of the best protein supplements for the human body. As it is rich in antioxidants, soy increases the blood flow to the muscles. The best part is anyone into fitness can take soy protein pre or post-workout. So, if you want to give your body a makeover by building muscle, add soy protein along with your training schedules. Undoubtedly, you will be surprised by soy’s efficacy in fast muscle building and injury-recovery. 


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