Increasing Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery Drain Fixes: 6 Best Practices to Improve Battery

Laptop brands worldwide are striving hard to produce modern and efficient laptops more and more, and interestingly, we’ve seen a lot of contemporary laptops with many advancements. However, you’ll need to recharge it once or twice a day, depends on how you use it. Although so many users complain regarding poor laptop batteries, but you can improve its health or life significantly by going through a bunch of practices. We have listed down 6 best practices for your convenience to improve the battery life of your laptop meaningfully.

Reduce Screen Brightness

First and foremost, the most power-hungry part of any laptop is its display/screen. Indeed, screens consume a lot of battery power to provide you punchy and vivid colors. And saving a battery significantly is simply to reduce its brightness as much as possible. You can reduce the brightness through a button, which is normally positioned as a second function of F Keys. In most laptops, this button is represented by a small sun symbol alongside the down and up icon for your convenience.

Turn Off WiFi

The second most important thing that plays a vital role in reducing battery life is its Wi-Fi connectivity. Be noted that Wi-Fi drains the battery quite quickly, and even when it’s disconnected, it keeps looking for new connections, which leads to battery drain. So, when you’re away from a grid or using it for other purposes such as gaming, painting, and other activities, be sure to turn off the Wi-Fi. Many laptops come with a function button to turn it off in a jiffy.

Make Changes in Power Settings

Most of the Windows are already backed by impressive power features to get the most out of it. It enables you to optimize your laptop’s battery even when you’re on the move. Look for “Power Saver” or “Power Option” in your laptop and go through the methods that appear in front of you to save the battery life meaningfully.

Remove Peripherals

Active peripherals can play a role in consuming the battery of your laptop. Therefore, it’s a smart move to unplug all the peripherals, including USB and webcams, with immediate effects to save some juice for other tasks. There are many laptops in the market that comprise a single button to turn them off without any hassle.

Take Care of Battery

Although nowadays’ laptops are backed by lithium-Ion batteries don’t need a complete discharge, but it’s good to use the battery when charged completely. If you have a backup, use it frequently rather than your current one. Moreover, you would need to discharge it on a daily basis if you have an older non-lithium-Ion battery.

Disable Unnecessary Features

Very much like Windows 10, a number of other operating systems comprise different handy built-in features. Usually, these features put extra demands and loads on your laptop, which is completely unnecessary. So, when you are on the move, take a simple step and deactivate all the graphical effects to enjoy extra juice.

There are a lot of ways on the Internet to improve the overall health of your laptop battery, to be honest. However, there are a number of certain things to check before going through numerous ways, such as using the right AC Adapter that can prevent serious damages, and avoiding overcharge can enhance the health suggestively.

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