After all, how to identify if I need to undergo root canal treatment?

Do you know what root canal treatment is and what is it for? The channel is a link between the teeth and the nervous system of our body. The procedure promotes a direct intervention in the nerve roots, which can be removed together with the entire pulp of the teeth.

In other words, it is nothing more than a treatment for injuries or diseases that affect the pulp of a tooth, which is composed of nerves, blood vessels and other delicate and sensitive tissues. In cases of problems with oral health or other conditions, it may be necessary to perform the canal to save the teeth.

Thinking about it, in this text, we have separated some conditions in which it may be necessary to perform a root canal treatment for you to identify the need for the procedure. Come on?

Deep caries

Caries is an oral health problem that consists of altering the mineralization of tooth enamel resulting from changes in oral pH that cause lesions in the cavities of the teeth. In more severe cases, it reaches the pulp of the tooth, leading to inflammation or infection.

During this process, the tooth can become very sensitive, evolving to a stage where the pain becomes acute, causing swelling during its evolution. This may require root canal treatment.

Tooth abscess

The accumulation of pus, due to a bacterial infection, is called an abscess. It can happen in different regions of the tooth and for several different causes. A periapical tooth abscess occurs at the tip of the root of the teeth, while the periodontal abscess occurs in the gums next to the root.

Performing root canal treatment can help eliminate the infection and save the tooth, so it is a highly recommended procedure in these cases.

Dental fracture with nerve exposure

It is possible to recover a tooth in cases of accidents , in which the enamel fractures with the exposure of the nerve. The root canal may be the most suitable. It turns out that if it is started within 3 hours after the trauma, the success rates vary between 72% to 100%.

Change in tooth color

A darkened tooth can signal hemorrhage or pulp mortification, that is, the death of the internal pulp. In cases where the pulp is still alive, one session is enough to make the treatment. Now, if it’s dead, more sessions will be needed to save the tooth.

Destroyed dental structure

When the dental structure is destroyed, root canal treatment can be recommended along with other procedures to save the tooth. For this reason, it may be necessary to place a cemented pin in the canal before making the crown prosthesis.

The concern with oral health is very important. In addition to understanding the needs of performing a root canal treatment, it is also essential to have an insurance plan that meets any dental emergency you have, something that offers 24-hour coverage, with no need, with the release right after payment, is the best way to take care of your teeth!

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