AI to the Rescue of Advertising Campaigns

No more advertising that only reaches 20% of the people who watch it. Artificial intelligence targets ads in real-time based on profiles and the information collected. It is no longer an advertisement for thousands of people like on television, but an advertisement per person.

AI for targeted live advertising

The first thing to consider for an advertising campaign to be effective is targeting the right customers. For example, in most cases, there is no point in trying to get a teenager to buy insurance. This is why artificial intelligence will analyze all the information in the browser to give it advertising content that will be adapted to it. In addition to offering personalized content, AI ensures that advertising appears at the right time. For example, when a web user searches for a musical instrument, the AI ​​can automatically send advertisements on the same subject on web pages kissanime.

AI to measure advertising performance

With campaign results, AI can analyze performance based on weather, events, news, or browser profile. He will be able to adapt his content to be more efficient and to reach a maximum of the time. AI is a tool that improves on its own over time and overtime in its field. Users will be able to take into account the advice and recommendations of this software.

Steerfox: an example of advertising AI

Steerfox software is software that uses artificial intelligence to create and manage daily advertising campaigns for its user. It analyzes a website’s traffic and content to show ads at the right time and in front of the right person.

Steerfox is:

    • 60% increase in ROI
    • 8 hours of time saved per week
    • 10% to 40% increase in online revenue

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