Believing In These 12 Sod Grass Myths? Don’t Make This Mistake

Sod Grass
Sod Grass

Most of the time the information on the internet is accurate, but sometimes the details are faulty. The misinformation about Emerald Zoysia Sod could become myths that people start believing in without knowing the truth.

Don’t Make Mistake Of Believing In Sod Grass Myths

The myths that are circulating all across the internet have become so much popular that people have started believing in them. If you come across the following myths then never make the mistake of believing them.

Water Emerald Zoysia Sod At Any Time

People think that when they are applying water once a week; they can water at any time. But this is harmful to the sod because watering at noon water evaporates quickly.

Daily Maintenance For Weed-Free Grass

The best quality of sod grass is that it is genetically enhanced to withstand several environmental factors that include weed control. Checking the lawn weekly is enough, but daily maintenance is not recommended.

Applying Monthly Fertilizers Is Essential

The Emerald Zoysia Sod from best suppliers is made with modifications in which applying fertilizers monthly is not necessary. This is an unusual sod that only requires to be fertilized once a year.

Use Beer As An Alternate To Fertilizer

People try to save money by using alternatives for the maintenance of the sod grass. Many people might recommend beer as an alternative. Beer contains high content of sugar and also alcohol that is extremely unhealthy for the sod grass.

The Shorter Sod Grass The Better

When you have installed the sod grass ordered from suppliers like Atlanta Sod Farms; they recommend neither cutting the grass too short nor leave it long.

Weekly Aeration is Inevitable

Sometimes more air to the roots can be dangerous. So there is no use for weekly aeration. But that doesn’t mean you should never aerate the soil. You have to see the signs for lack of air and then aerate the sod grass.

No Limit To Watering The Sod Grass

You must have heard the saying that excess of everything is bad. There is a quantity of water that has to be applied every week. But when it rains never make the mistake of watering the grass.

Unlimited Watering When Establishing Sod

More water is indeed given to the sod when it is being established, but that doesn’t mean you exceed the limit set by the sod grass supplier.

Installing Sod Will Cost More Than Normal Grass

If you put it this way that the only large expense that you have to bear is of the establishment of the sod. But with seeding the grass has to be checked every day and the money on its growth is more.

Sod Grass Installed In Large Lawns

Sod grass indeed is the best for large lawns and sports fields, but this doesn’t mean that smaller areas can’t be good for sod. Smaller gardens and areas also have sod installed.

Using Fertilizers Will Harm The Environment

Those fertilizers are recommended for the sod that is not harmful to the environment at all.

Confusion In Selecting The Right Sod Grass

The sod grass has a wide variety so buyers do get confused, but many individuals think that this confusion is also for the suppliers. But they are experts so they know which sod is the best.

Clippings Damage The Sod Grass

When you have mowed the Emerald Zoysia Sod you can leave the clippings on the grass as it can act as fertilizer but this has to be done just once a year.

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