Cowboy Hat Étiquettes You Should Know

Cowboy Hat Étiquettes You Should Know

A cowboy hat is something you have always wanted. And if you already have one, it must be one of your precious possessions.

Cowboy Hat Étiquettes You Should Know

It is not only a special item but also a status symbol for you. You are perhaps yet to know that owning a cowboy hat comes with some responsibilities as well. If you look deep into wearing a cowboy hat, you will find that it also helps you look more of a gentleman. As such, there are some etiquettes to follow when you wear a cowboy hat, and they are as follows:

Removing Your Hat

The first etiquette is removing your hat. It would help if you acquainted yourself with when to remove your cowboy hat from your head. Make sure to remove your cowboy hat from your head on occasions like during the National Anthem, in a Church, or a funeral procession. Do not forget to take your hat off when someone introduces you to a woman. During the introduction, you can hold your hat with one hand while you shake your other hand with her. Remove your hat when you enter a building, private home, or restaurant.

Right Hat for the Season

Ensure that you wear a hat that is right for the season. Typically, you can wear a felt hat to keep your head warm during cold weather. Likewise, a straw hat is the best choice for keeping your head cool during summer. Remember that if you do not select the right hat for the season, you will not feel comfortable. A season-specific cowboy hat also makes you look authentic.

Hold it Right

It is also essential for you to know how to hold your cowboy hat. Ensure that you do not hold it in a way that you find it easy. Hold your hat by the crown to restrict others from seeing the lining of your cowboy hat.

Travel Care

During traveling, take adequate care of your cowboy hat to prevent it from squishing. It will help if you carry your cowboy hat in hat boxes instead of suitcases to maintain its proper shape.

Finding the Right Size

When you look for different cowboy hats to buy, one thing that will challenge you is finding the perfect hat size, but you can effectively deal with the challenge only when you know your head size. So, it makes sense for you to measure your head’s size to figure out the size of the cowboy hat you need. Take a measuring tape in your hand, and put one of its ends at the middle of your forehead about half an inch above your ear, then wrap it around the head. Cross the tape over where it meets the starting point. Read the end to know the size of the cowboy hat you need.

Conclusion | Cowboy Hat Étiquettes You Should Know

However, finding the cowboy hat of the right size is not that straightforward as there are many things involved. Refer to the infographic in this post to know more.

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