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How Can I Treat My Child’s Pneumonia?

by Justin Carlos
Pneumonia specialist Manchester

Is It Possible for Me to Treat my Child’s Pneumonia at Home?

How you treat your child’s pneumonia will solely depend on one important factor that is what is the cause of the illness, whether it is caused by bacteria or it is by a virus. In most cases many children who get this illness are taken care of in their homes and get well after a certain period of time which varies from a minimum of three weeks to four weeks in general but in certain cases, they might have to be shifted to the hospital for further treatment. As a parent, you have to understand how much is the alarm for your child to be taken to the hospital.

Can I give my child Antibiotics?

Whether you can administer your child with antibiotics will solely depend on the factor that is the cause of your child’s sickness, virus, or bacteria.

If it happens that your child has bacterial pneumonia then your Pneumonia specialist Manchester will suggest you give your child antibiotic liquid or tablets in order to fight the bacteria. Give your child a time span of the first 48 hours, and usually, within that period of time you can see a lot of improvement in your baby, however, the coughing might continue for some time longer. However, it is imperative that you continue to finish the whole course of antibiotics even if your child appears to be better.

Is it Effective for Both Kind of Pneumonia?

You have to keep in mind that if the pneumonia is the result of a virus then antibiotics will not have any impact on the sickness.

Here comes the problem that how can you understand whether the pneumonia is caused by a virus or bacteria because understanding it is not a very easy thing as symptoms are not very apparent and so it is difficult to make out the difference. To be completely sure is not possible but to apply precautionary steps like giving your child antibiotics will be done by the pneumonia specialist near me whom you are consulting.

Is it Possible to Take Care of My Child at Home?

The answer is yes because many children who have pneumonia taken care of at home without being admitted into the hospital but you have to make sure that you maintain these steps for the wellbeing of your baby.

What Kind of Steps I Should Follow to take Care of my Baby?

    • You have to ensure that your baby is getting a lot of rest
    • Your child might not show any interest in eating and is probably refusing to eat but in this case, you have to ensure that they remain hydrated throughout the day and so give them small amounts to drink at regular intervals.
    • In case your child is still wearing nappies then it will be easier for you to understand that they are getting enough drink or not because then they will wet their nappies accordingly and so you will be able to keep track.
    • Administer your child with pain relief drugs like paracetamol or ibuprofen in case they are having any ache in their tummy or chest. You can be assured about giving them these medicines because these drugs especially Ibuprofane are made for children as well as infants.
    • Always keep her in mind that you shall not give your child unnecessary cough medicines because they will not help with pneumonia.
    • You must be very careful not to smoke around your child or let them breathe any other person smoke because that will make their coughing become worse.
    • Even though having a high temperature in your child is scary but you have to understand that it is a natural response of your child’s body to infection so maintain not resorting to sponging your child with water in order to reduce it.

It is important to coordinate closely with your Chest infection specialist Manchester because they will be able to give you proper information about how to take care of your child at home. But if the symptoms get worse then immediately call your doctor.

Shall I take MyChild to The Hospital?

Always depend on your doctor for the proper assessment of whether your child will require to be admitted into a hospital or not because only they will be able to understand on the basis of the child’s symptoms and other factors like age, that whether it is sufficient to keep caring for the child at home or the child really needs proper medical surveillance 24/7. However, in general cases of babies under 6 months old who have got pneumonia, they are admitted into the hospital.

What are the Factors That will be checking into consideration by your doctor?

There are few things that your medical advisors who are probably the best baby cough doctor in Manchester will check before Telling your child to be admitted to hospital-like

    • If your child is having any difficulty in breathing
    • In case your child is becoming dehydrated since he or she is not taking any food or drink
    • In case your child is unable to take antibiotics through their mouth
    • If the level of oxygen has reduced in their blood
    • If your child is not having any response to the antibiotics that have been prescribed by the doctor, which might be a case in case they still had a fever even after giving them antibiotic treatment for 2 days.
    • In case your child has any immune deficiency, lung, or heart condition

Your child will be given antibiotics drips in the hospital and also oxygen that will enable them to breathe easily. For dehydration, fluids would be given through drips.

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