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How Do You Know When A Water Heater Needs To Be Replaced?

by ronnie walker

Look for these warning signs:

  1. An aging tank water heater – (over 9 — 12 years) is often an injury waiting to happen, particularly when it’s installed in an area of your home that is vulnerable to water damage. Look for a replacement.
  2. Strange noises-  Sounds of banging or cracking are often caused by sediment deposits from the tank. Excess sediment buildup may signal the need for a new water heater.
  3. Lukewarm or cold water.- A hot water heater job is straightforward: heating water. When a heater only does not function as well as it used to, it might be due for replacement.
  4. Rust – Rust on your appliance’s exterior tends to be obvious. Discolored or even metallic-tasting water can be a good clue that the tank is corroding on the inside. A rusted hot water tank is too far gone to repair. Leaking from the hot water tank almost constantly suggests that you need a replacement… now!

How To Make Water Heaters Last Longer
Try one or more of the following methods. You will assist your water heater last more.

  • Routine tune-ups assist your water heater work better and last longer. A trained technician can also be more likely to spot warning signs that your water heater may be about to fail.
  • Scale Inhibitor or Water Softener
    If you reside in an area with hard water, like Brampton, limescale mineral residue can damage both traditional and tankless water heaters. Use a scale-inhibiting filter to secure your water heater and help it last longer. Alternatively, put in a whole-house water softener.
  • Flushing
    Drain (“flush”) your hot water heater tank every 6 — 12 months to clean out sediment buildup. While this is sometimes a DIY home maintenance task, if you’re unsure of what you’re doing or your tank is being emptied for the first time in years, you might choose to call a specialist.
  • Anode Replacement
    The anode, a metal rod within your water heater, attracts ions and minerals which would corrode the tank. After 2 — 3 decades, possess the anode checked annually and replaced if it deteriorates. Assist your tank last longer; for extra protection, install another anode rod.


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