How To Purchase HSRPs Online In Uttar Pradesh

An aluminium-based “high-security registration plate” or HSRPs have been made compulsory by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). HSRPs come with two non-reusable locks and all two-wheelers and four-wheelers sold before 1 April 2019 are supposed to have High Security Number Plates fixed to their motor vehicles.

The primary objective behind making HSRP mandatory is to keep a tab on stolen vehicles having duplicate number plates. Almost all the states provide an online facility to book HSRPs. For instance, HSRP Uttar Pradesh online booking can be done through the government authorised portal, However, if you are not comfortable using an online portal, you can submit the application offline as well and get the HSRP from the respective RTOs or authorised auto dealers.

Those who live in UP can easily purchase an HSRP online from the website, The website portal is very safe and secure to use and functions very smoothly. After opening the portal, you need to complete a few steps such as entering your personal and vehicle information and submitting the fees. If you only want to purchase colour-coded stickers for your vehicle, then you need to make use of the same online portal to submit the application.

There may be an instance where you have successfully paid the fees online but have not yet received the HSRP. In such a scenario, you can easily track the status of your order online. Visit the official website and press the  “Track Your Order” tab present on the home page. A new page will appear and you have to enter your order number. You are also required to submit other details such as registration number and captcha code. Once done, you will be able to track the status of your order online.

The price of an HSRP in Uttar Pradesh is about Rs 400 for two-wheelers and around Rs 1,100 for four-wheelers. The exact price will be displayed to the applicant online whale picking the fitment location in one of the steps. To say it all, getting an HSRP is a very simple and straightforward process and if you have not yet bought one for your vehicle, you must get it as it has multiple benefits. HSRPs are tamper-proof, thus nobody will be able to remove the locks that come with it. So, stolen vehicles can be tracked easily if they have HSRPs fixed to them. HSRPs are beneficial for traffic police as well as earlier people used to have their registration plates number written in different styles which made it difficult to be read by the traffic police. HSRPs, on the other hand, follow a very uniform style and make it easier for traffic police to read the number mentioned on the registration plates.

Just like HSRPs, FASTags are also mandatory in our country. The good thing regarding the HSRPs and FASTags application processes is that there is a facility for online registration. Thus, if you have not yet got a FASTag for your car, you can apply for it online. You can even recharge your FASTags online very easily. For example, if you bought a FASTag from Kotak Bank, then you can complete Axis FASTag recharge online at the bank’s official website portal. It is important that you abide by the law and get both HSRPs and FASTags for your vehicle if you have not yet got it.

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