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I’m Sober for a long time, but why do I still feel Drawn to Drugs?

by Justin Carlos
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The drug epidemic is a serious issue that has been plaguing the United States and most countries worldwide. The most horrific situation arises because no particular profile of men can resist drugs or not feel drawn to them. The allure of drugs and how it affects people transcends races, religions, genders, ages and every other demographics.

Though the doctors and medical specialists at drug addiction treatment centers feel that the future will be bright due to the medical innovations and interventions, it is implausible that our mind affected by drugs will ever change. Hence, there needs to be a way out from that mess and equip our minds to keep the lures and attractions at bay.

How do drugs affect the brain?

According to the sublocade doctors near me, the drugs’ mechanism and their action on the human body will help us understand the reason behind the fatal attraction. Numerous drug addiction treatment centers near me report that people get themselves enrolled with a desire to become sober and lead their everyday lives each day. But very few people satisfy all the criteria of recovery and undergo long-lasting abstinence and sobriety.

Why is it so mighty difficult to get sober from drugs?

It is because of the chemical composition of certain drugs and how they affect our brains. Doctors offering suboxone treatment near me say that opioids, stimulants, barbiturates, etc., create a massive impact on the brain. They go inside your body, get absorbed in your bloodstream, and affect your brain’s reward center. Once it becomes a regular habit, the brain needs a suitable amount of drug each day to appease its reward center.

With time, the normal brain and body functions’ performance also becomes dependent on how much drug is taken in. This dependency is truly frightening, as without the drugs within your system and giving you a high; you will falter in the smallest of ways and even fail to do the usual everyday tasks. Your entire psychology and physiology become dependent on the drugs.

Is there a way out?

According to the suboxone treatment doctors, there is a way out of all these troubles. But these treatments are totally dependent on the patient and any associated psychological disorder and drug dependency. The decrease of the sublocade price is also a significant development in this cause. From inpatient treatment centers to intensive outpatient programs, the doctors administer the correct doses of suboxone, sublocade, and other formulations of Buprenorphine to the patients suffering from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

Along with this medication-assisted treatment or MAT, counseling sessions support the patients in drawing up healthy boundaries, maintaining composure, communicating healthily, combatting the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, etc. With time and continuous monitoring by the experts and doctors, the dosage is tapered if they feel that they are on their way to recovery.

But why do I still feel drawn to drugs?

The dependency on drugs and how they impact and modify your brain’s functions are genuine. Drugs have a lasting impression on your brains and alter their morphology permanently. So it is natural to feel drawn to drugs though you have abstained from them for a long time. The brain’s reward center cannot escape the feelings of the gloriousness that once drugs triggered within it.

Hence, the sublocade doctors near me say that you should always have your coping mechanisms in place. These will help you ward off such attractions and lures if you ever feel drawn to drugs. If certain situations or people are causing the relapse triggers, then you should always have healthy boundaries in place and block such triggers.

On the other hand, the practice of mindfulness and meditation can calm your senses and help you achieve balance in life, thereby warding away such triggers and combatting any life crisis healthily. Restorative techniques like yoga have helped men achieve blissful lives and keep away fatal allures of drugs.

Closing thoughts:

The doctors at the drug addiction treatment centers emphasize that recovery is a lifelong journey. There will be instances when you will falter and feel drawn to drugs. But it is important to put these obstacles behind and continue your paths of sobriety. You should replace these feelings with the highs you get through exercising or completing a task in time. Ideally, a counselor and a therapist will help you in your journey against drug addiction and achieving long-term abstinence. With the capping on the sublocade cost by the central and state drug authorities, it is easier to achieve the zen in your life to escape from the deadly attractions of drugs.

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