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Landing Page Optimization: Best Practices for the Perfect Page

by Akshay Sharma

It can be easy to create a landing page. For publishing something professional, a developer is not necessarily required. Instead, a normal person can do it by using Unbounce or some other ‘drag and drop builder’ tool. It will take only a few hours to finish this task. But you are not recommended to go blind. Now I am going to tell you the best practices for the perfect landing page.

1. Use above the fold page for any action Before we scroll down a web page, the part that is visible on the monitor is known as ‘above the fold’. Always use your CTAs, important sales proposition and headline in this part of the page. But avoid putting so much here. Put that much only which can fulfil the expectations of the users.

2. For making the visitor look further use directional cues Suppose a visitor takes interest in the ‘above the fold’ part of the page. How will you make him take interest in the ‘below the fold’ part of the page? You can use visual indicators for that purpose like animations, images, arrows and literal pointers. Use CTAs that are easily recognizable and have contrasting colors.

3. Display your services and products in action Grab the attention of the visitors towards your services or items by making the use of visuals, demo videos, animations or still photographs so that they start feeling as if they are your customers. A very good place for doing this is that section of your web page which contains the hero image.

4. Don’t use site navigation or other distractions In order to prevent the visitors from moving away, reduce the number of distractions. Don’t use additional CTAs or site navigation or any unnecessary links. A standalone landing page is considered very good.

5. A landing page needs to load fast The people who visit your website will like to buy the items from your company if its loading speed is good. The potential customers can leave the site if they are using a mobile device and the loading time of your web page is 3 seconds or more.

6. Make the appropriate use of your template Every website owner will like to create a landing page that looks special. By using a template, it is possible to get very good results. You can customize it also as per your desire. A large number of landing pages that are professionally designed are being sold by ThemeForest and similar other sites.

7. Make sure that your message matches with your ads You need to make sure that the people should get the expected results after visiting a web page. So, it becomes necessary that in the first place you use the landing page which contains all the essential things a visitor expects. You may be running several ads. It becomes necessary that these get matched with the copy of your landing page so that the visitors click it.

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