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List Of 3 Strong Surviving Plants That Are Almost Hard To Kill

by aisha Verma
Surviving Plants

When we bring houseplants for our interiors space, we generally are more concerned about its looks and appearance. As soon as we reach home, we start to brainstorm the places where each plant will fit in well. What I mean is that when you first start putting houseplants in your space, the decor is always the first priority and we generally forget that the plant needs care too. Yes, just like a small baby, your indoor plants need some amount of care and maintenance to thrive. As we all know that plants too are living, so there are basic requirements attached to each and every plant. Sometimes when we are too lost in admiring how beautiful a plant in looking in a certain place, we generally overlook the thought of whether it is getting the right amount of lighting or are we watering it enough to satisfy its requirements? Trust me, I totally understand because I’m no different. I always used to wonder, even after watering my plants daily,  why they tend to get yellow. It hurts to say that after killing so many plants, I came to realise that each plant has its different requirements. 


So, before you buy plants or order flowers online, you should know that some plants are high maintenance and some remain satisfied with low care as well. Now, if you are a lazy person, or tend to forget things quickly, or don’t have extensive gardening skills, you can still invest in plants because not all plants are high care species. Some houseplants will manage with whatever care you provide them. If you want to buy houseplants, here is a list of strong surviving plants that are almost impossible to kill. 


Spider plant

Starting the list with spider plants. These plants are very commonly seen houseplants and are also a popular choice amongst gardeners. This plant has become people’s favourite because of its low maintenance property. The plant is okay with everything you may provide. You dont need to dig deep in the research to bring this plant home. it can deal with low light (and even keep on flourishing in an indirect, bright light-filled office!) and Place your spider plant in a splendid, radiant spot with bright sunlight, if you want the plant to develop quickly. . It holds water well, so it’ll accept a couple of missed waterings to a great extent. Besides, it produces babies that you can use to pot and provide for companions! So, with one plant you can create many companions of the same species. 


Air plants

Lately, a very common plant that i have seen in many lists is the air plants.  Well, when it comes to strong surviving plants, you can definitely give the first prize to air plants. Can anything be this easy to care for? If you want to enjoy all the benefits of plants at home and don’t want to compromise with your busy schedule, then air plants should be your pick. Going by the name, the plant can survive just with air. If it gets ample air, it will thrive. So, this means, you can display the air plants in many ways. Use stands, glass cases, create terrariums or you can even create fridge magnets by using them. Now, when it does not require many resources from time to time, it automatically becomes a very low care plant. Most of the things that they need to survive are absorbed from the air, leaving very little for you to do. So, let the air plants hang in your place while they take care of themselves and you. 


Pothos plant

Pothos are another plant variety that is very hard to kill because they are known to manage with very little they get. Consider it as a shoutout to every single dark thumb: This following plant has acquired the name “devil’s ivy” for a reason and that is its capacity to withstand almost completely dark conditions where there is no sunlight or even no artificial light. So, it makes pothos a perfect plant for your dark and dingy corners where you cannot fit in any other plant. Also, the coolant is okay with under-and over-watering. If you tend to forget watering or water it multiple times, it will still manage with both conditions. 

These are some plants that are strong survivors and are really hard to kill. If you are a person who has had a bad experience with killing plants, this time, when you order flowers delivery in Gurgaon consider plants from this list for a better experience and of course better decor.

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