Weekends Fun with Spectrum TV

Make Your Weekends Fun with Spectrum TV in Austin, TX

Austin is known for its music venues, scrumptious food, and three thousand days of sunshine. The city’s fantastic culture and fun-packed options can easily wrap you up in an all-nighter and have a blast on the weekend.

But weekends are precious, and everyone has their own way of spending them. While some nights you want to hit the loud bars and savor the delicious cuisine, other nights you want to snuggle in your bed and catch up with great TV shows. And if you have Spectrum Internet and TV, you will never run out of entertainment options to add a little flavor to up your weekend.

Indulge in Spectrum Cable for a Fun-Filled Weekend

For a homebody who would prefer recharging during the weekend and alleviate stress, Spectrum offers amazing home entertainment options. Okay, you must be wondering when streaming services are available, why settle for cable TV? You are able to stream at an affordable price, but you won’t be able to watch sports. TV also allows you to catch the star-studded shows live without worrying about sluggish Internet. Hence why so many people to this date adore their cable.

Wondering how can Spectrum enable you to have a memorable weekend? Here are some ways:

Up to 200 Channels for a Feisty Night

Are you the type of person who wants endless options when it comes to entertainment? This is exactly what you get with this provider. With over 200 channels, you won’t run out of options. Sports, news, local affiliates, movies, music, history, travel, lifestyle, and so much more are available for tuning in.

Watch Channels in HD (For Free)

If you are tired of watching TV in standard definition, you will be thrilled to learn that all Spectrum cable plans come with free HD! The crisp picture quality will be a feast to your eyes. Some even say it’s a cinema-like experience, but you would have to try it to believe it.

Take Your Screen with You

Literally!  Using the Spectrum TV app, you can take your screen wherever you go. Download the app on any device you like – your smartphone, game console, Smart TV, PC, or laptop. Don’t want to sit in the living room? No problem, open the Spectrum app on your smartphone and watch TV from your bedroom. The entire channel line-up is available on the app, so you will not be missing out on any content.

Enjoy Premium Entertainment

Who wouldn’t want to spend their weekends doing something else when they have got premium cable? Depending on your cable plan, you could be watching HBO, Cinemax, Epix, STARZ, Showtime, and NFL RedZone.

Record your Favourite Shows With DVR

Let’s say an unexpected guest visits you, but a new episode of your favorite show is going to air during primetime. Have no fear, you can turn on the DVR and let it record the entire episode. As soon as the guests leave, start watching the show.

Other Ways to Make Your Weekend Fun

Spending a weekend watching Spectrum cable is a great way to kill time in Austin, TX. Hopefully, you won’t get bored but if you feel like turning off the TV (because of too much screen time), here are other ways to spend your time:

Go Outdoors

Head out and check out the weather. You don’t want to stay inside your bedroom all day. Get a bit of the fresh air, and you will feel so much energized.

Get Sporty!

A little physical activity will make you feel great. It comes with health benefits as well. The weekend is the time where most sporting activities take place. It is fun to watch sports on the TV, and it’s even awesome to have firsthand sports experience. This could be basketball, football, or rugby – anything you like to stretch your legs and freshen your mind.

Catch Up With a Friend

Don’t want to head out of the house? No worries, FaceTime a friend or a family member to catch up with how they are spending their days. Due to social distancing, there must be a bunch of friends you haven’t seen in a while. Call them up.

Ask them what they are up to, how they are doing, and anything you would like. This one-on-one conversation will change your whole mood and theirs too.

Embrace Your Inner Child

When all else fails, step out with your kids and play. Ride a bike or play tag. Unleash the kid inside of you for a while. Then you can crawl back into your bed and continue your TV marathon.

So you see, weekends at home can be fun as well. If you don’t have cable and this blog has changed your mind, simply call the Spectrum phone number (1-855-837-6837) to check if it’s available in your area.

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