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Oceans choking with plastic waste

by karan sharma

Pollution in rivers, oceans, and lakes isn’t a new issue. The water bodies around the world are grappling with the rising number of plastic waste discovered on their surfaces, impacting both marine life and people in 1 way or another. The developing nations tend to be at the receiving end of such problems, however, the plastic difficulty has influenced the developed nations alike.

Plastic waste isn’t the only thing causing water contamination. Rather, you will find tonnes of significant wastes found on the ground of oceans and other water bodies. Many patches of plastic and other waste substances are also found in a variety of oceans throughout the planet. While a few aren’t threatening, a number of them are very big and can be observed through satellite imagery too.

These stains of garbage can’t be cleaned through conventional procedures. This is the area where water robots are making their presence felt, since they may execute the task rather readily while working independently. They wind up cleaning the plastic stains fast with greater efficacy, saving a great deal of effort and money.

Among the most prosperous water robots moving around — WasteShark, developed by RanMarine technology, is capable of cleaning up to 200 liters of sea waste in 1 go. It does not pose any danger to marine life and moves quite gently through the oceans.

WasteShark is similar to other water drones since it moves one step before collecting the garbage to clean up waterways by collecting data about water quality, aside from providing insights to how quickly plastic is degrading from the oceans. It’s intended to be used both independently and manually with internet control and accessibility. WasteShark is among the most effective products of RanMarine, which is famous for fostering the rise of green alternatives.

The Netherlands-based startup RanMarine managed to draw investment in Luxembourg-based Boundary Holding, directed by Rajat Khare, after embracing its capacity to provide holistic solutions to complicated problems through its innovative product range. These days, the business is using the capital on the R&D of forthcoming products, information, and client portal, while enlarging the staff and company growth for solid expansion.

The debut of water robots has surely made it a lot easier to fight the rising problem of water contamination. But, there’s a very long way to go, since the technology is capable of growing further to pave the way for clean water bodies in the next several years.


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