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Opting to buy a wedding ring. Know these things prior to purchasing one

by lokesh kumar

The 4Cs you need to know 

Color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Different materials impart different hues to your ring. Cut signifies how it unleashes its light. Clarity refers to the fixation of blemishes and inclusions. Carat weight determines the diamond’s apparent size. Prioritize your C accordingly and get home the best quality of wedding ring to cherish forever.

Differences in cutting styles and cut quality 

There are various shapes of rings, include marquise, pear, oval, rectangle, square, and heart cut. The cutting styles are the arrangement of diamond facets. These include brilliant cutting style, emerald cutting style, radiant cutting styles, etc. At the same time, cut quality is how the diamonds react with light. The differences in table size, girdle thickness, polish, and symmetry affect facial appearance. Tungsten Rings  and also some new styles of Steel rings are now affordable option as wedding ring

The metal of the band 

The metal of the band will affect the overall look of the ring. It can be called the soul of the ring. White gold and platinum are all-time favourites giving a sleek and modern look. On the other hand, rose gold gives a warm tint and smooth appearance. It is the perfect option for all the not so flashy jewellery couple.

Choose the setting of the diamond or centre stone 

The location provides two jobs. First, it highlights the beauty of the diamond and protects it from damage. The three common types of settings – prong, bezel, and halo. All of these settings complete the look of the wedding ring.

Picking side stones 

Baguettes pave set of diamonds increase the elegance of the ring. Sapphires are an excellent choice as they highlight the diamond. The glimmer of the side stones enhances the beauty of the ring.

Inspecting the diamond under different lighting conditions 

Various environments should include daylight, candlelight, fluorescent light, or spotlight. These light conditions will reflect the mesmerizing diamond’s true nature.

Perfect sparkle and size 

The cut clarity can be explained in terms of excellent, good, and poor.

Ways of your ring looking bigger 

Making of an illusion setting with similar clusters of stones.

Pick a ring suiting your partner’s style 

Ask her best friend, notice her shades of jewellery and go shopping together. Various features define the true nature of oneself like her romance, elegance, modern, creative, accordingly choose a ring worthy for her.

Knowing of ring size 

The prerequisite of buying a ring. It is the most fundamental step in purchasing a ring.

Make a budget 

Set your conscience before buying a ring and spend appropriately.

Do overlook these points if you want to impress your beloved. Get a ring to which she can never say no.

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