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Information about the speciality of surgery medicine

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Find out everything related to the speciality of surgery

Surgical medicine is a medical speciality that uses techniques of manual surgical procedures on a patient to treat a disease or injury, or to help improve physical function or appearance, and sometimes to repair deformed parts of the body. In our next article, we will learn about the speciality of surgery medicine.

Information about the speciality of surgery medicine

A surgeon is a person who practices surgery while a surgeon’s assistant is a person who practices surgical assistance.
The surgical team consists of the surgeon, surgeon’s assistant, anaesthesiologist, circulating nurse and surgical technologist.
Surgery usually takes from minutes to hours, but it is not usually a continuous or cyclical type of treatment.

Types of surgeries

Depending on the timing:
Elective surgery is performed to correct the non-life threatening condition and is done at the request of the patient.
Semi-elective surgery is the procedure that must be performed to avoid permanent disability or death, but it can be postponed for a short time.
Emergency surgery is a surgical procedure that must be performed immediately to save life, limb, or functional capabilities.
Based on the purpose:
Exploratory surgery is performed to help or confirm the diagnosis.
Curative surgery treats a previously diagnosed condition.
Plastic surgery is done to improve the appearance in a natural way.
– By type of procedure:

  • Amputation involves cutting a part of the body, usually a limb.
  • Resection is the removal of an organ or an internal part of the body, or a major part (pulmonary lobe, quadruple of the liver) of such an organ.
  • Circumcision is the exclusion or removal of only part of an organ or tissue.
  • Re plantation involves reattaching a severed part of the body.
    Reconstructive surgery involves reconstructing a diseased or deformed part of the body.
  • Transplant surgery is the replacement of an organ or part of the body by inserting another organ from a different human (or animal) into the patient. The removal of an organ or body part from a living human or animal for use in transplantation also constitutes a type of surgery.

Part of the body:

Best plastic surgeon in islamabad says,”When surgery is performed on a single organ system or structure, it can be categorised by the organ or tissue involved”. Examples include cardiac surgery (performed on the heart), gastrointestinal surgery (which is performed within the digestive system and its ancillary organs), and orthopaedic surgery (which is performed on the bones or muscles).

By the degree of evasiveness of surgical procedures:

Minimally invasive surgery involves a smaller external incision to insert miniature instruments into the body cavity or structure, as in the case of endoscopic surgery or angioplasty.

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