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Top 5 Beard Caring Tips For Men

by Emma Willson

Maintaining a beard is a daunting task, especially for the novice beardos beginning to grow a beard. Most people assume growing a beard is more comfortable than shaving every day and start growing a beard to avoid hassles.  However, growing and maintaining a fantastic beard is more challenging than shaving every day. So if you are one of them, it’s time to reconsider your choices and start taking care of that precious beard of yours. But first, it’s essential to understand the real definition of a good and healthy beard to begin. If you’ve ever come across a beardo with a good looking beard and a perfectly trimmed neckline, that’s the beard you may desire to achieve. Here are the top five beard caring tips that will help you do so.


1. Conditioning and Hydration are Essential

The most crucial aspect of growing a healthy beard is conditioning it with proper beard care products that nourish the hair and skin beneath it. Make sure to use conditioning products like beard oils and beard balms, which nourish the hair by offering the necessary nutrients. Beard oils help lock the moisture of the facial hair and boosts the strength of the hair follicles. The combination of carrier oil, and essential oils used in beard oil, such as argan oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil, offer several benefits to the hair. Beard balms are another leave-in conditioner that helps you maintain a healthy beard. Buy the natural beard balm that suits your needs and use it regularly once a day for better results.



2. Cleansing the Face and Beard

Here’s another crucial step to follow for maintaining a healthy beard. Cleansing your beard thoroughly at least thrice a week plays a significant role in its health. If you have a long beard, then the food you eat, excess oil, dirt, and sweat accumulate in your facial hair, causing itchiness. That not only damages your facial hair but the skin underneath it too. So it’s essential to clean the beard using a beard shampoo to eliminate any dirt. Avoid using a beard wash every day as it may strip off the necessary oils, leaving your facial hair brittle and dry, leading to split ends. It’s also crucial that your skin is clear of any impurities and excess oils to act as a healthy surface for facial hair to grow. Overall, create a face and beard care routine and be consistent with it. 


3. Avoid Using Hair Shampoo and Soap for Beard

Hopefully, you have understood the significance of beard cleansing. However, refrain from using soap, facewash, or traditional hair shampoo for washing your beard. Hair shampoos come with lots of harsh chemicals that can leave your beard and the skin dry. That’s because the companies manufacture regular hair shampoos to eliminate excess oil from the hair. On the contrary, manufacturers design beard shampoos to restore the essential oils in your facial hair by adding ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter. Beard shampoo also prevents your wild whiskers from dandruff and adds a silky texture to them. With them, you can achieve a softer, silkier beard that is easy to style.


4. Invest in  the Right Trimming Tools

There is no point in growing a thick beard if you do not know how to trim your beard and have the right tools to do it. Visiting a barber twice a week to trim your beard will cost you money and time, which is evadable. If you are growing a beard, you won’t require a trimmer for at least a couple of weeks initially. However, trimming scissors will come in handy during this phase to trim any uneven patches and loose ends. Once your beard grows to a desired level,  it’s time to invest in a premium quality beard trimmer to cut the facial hair evenly. The uniform length of all the hair strands is essential to achieve a crisp and sharp look.


5. Trim your Neckline Properly

We’ve established above that regular trimming is essential to achieve a perfect looking beard. That said, the most common mistake many beardos make is when they trim the neckline. The best way to trim your neckline is to create a ‘U’ shaped line around your neck from the back of both ears. Doing so will make you make your beard look more precise and will also enhance your jawline. Do not commit the mistake of following your natural jawline while trimming. Doing so will give your beard a boxy shape making it look awkward. The best way to determine the baseline under your chin is to place two fingers just above your Adam’s apple and begin the baseline from the point where the top finger is. You may drop the idea of growing a neckbeard because it just ruins the look of the beard.


Final Thoughts

Those were the top five beard caring tips to achieve a healthy and perfect beard. Hopefully, the list will help you maintain a healthy beard that looks, feels, and smells great. It’s ok to make mistakes along the way. Remember, the essential part resides in the nourishment and cleansing of both the beard and the facial skin. Make sure to eat a well-balanced diet to maintain the beard health.

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