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University of Phoenix Reviews: Amber Perez — Master of Health Administration Degree

by lokesh kumar

“It was devastating,” says University of Phoenix alumna Amber Perez about the back injury that forced her to quit her bedside nursing job. At the time, she had three young children and was working two jobs. She didn’t think she had time to go back to school as a colleague had recommended.

The flexibility of University of Phoenix online classes let her earn her master’s degree while still being able to have a life and be there for her kids. Explains Perez, “I didn’t have to miss soccer or baseball games because I was at class. I was able to be present for my kids.”

Today, Perez is a clinical director for a medical device company. She works with hospitals and clinical care facilities throughout the United States to establish injury prevention programs. It’s a rewarding job. Perez describes how her degree helped with her new career, saying, “There’s no way I would have been able to make the impact and the difference that I have without the support, confidence and education I received at University of Phoenix.”

Your boss, family members and friends are all potentially affected by your decision to go back to school, so you can’t leave them out of the equation. If they know what they can and can’t expect from you, it will lessen the blow when you’re inevitably less available than you used to be. As you communicate your needs, give them the chance to do the same. Hernandez recommends working together to come up with a schedule that makes the most sense for everyone.

Now a high school teacher, he shares those memories with his students. His message is that “success is possible; all you have to do is try.” He wants to show them that if he could concentrate on his studies and complete his degree while serving overseas in a volatile and unpredictable environment, they can overcome any obstacle they may face in life. Steer is just one of numerous alumni who attended University of Phoenix while deployed overseas with branches of the U.S. military. The University is familiar with accommodating the unique challenges faced by active duty service men and women, veterans and military spouses.

University of Phoenix offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing. These include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing.

More than one million students have earned degrees from University of Phoenix. The University offers in-person learning at its 22 locations in states across America and online classes for students all over the world. To learn more and to view a complete catalog, visit phoenix.edu.

Students in virtual classrooms, like those Perez attended, have an engaging experience. You are able to have one-on-one conversations with your instructors, share information, work on projects with other students and view upcoming projects and reading assignments.

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