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Wedding Jewellery: The Most Important Aspect For A Bride

by lokesh kumar

Weddings involve a lot of celebration and endless preparation. Wedding is the most memorable day of anyone’s life. Everyone wants to look beautiful on their D-day. Brides are the most special person at a wedding. A bride resembles the picture of beauty and elegance. The wedding itself is a ceremony; it is the part most of the people forgot in pressure of précising other decorations and details. It is a ceremony about bonding and eternal happiness.

At their wedding every bride wants to look unique and different from others. To celebrate this day they get ready to their best with all kinds of decorative items. One of the most important things among that is wedding jewellery. This is the one thing which can literally shine on the bride’s skin. Mens Wedding rings shopping is so exciting for both Men and women rings set. But when someone is getting married, trying to buy wedding jewellery, oh! There are so many choices. Although you should always maintain some golden rules in terms of buying the best jewellery for yourself such as:

  • Choose your gown first- first and foremost thing about wedding shopping is choose your gown. Then you can choose the bridal rings  jewellery to compliment the gown. No matter how your gown looks, your jewellery will reflect the beautiful look of yours. If you are wearing a modern gown, go for modern lightweight jewellery. A simple and elegant dress means you can go experimental with your jewellery choice. If your gown has crystals in it go for crystal jewellery, just like sparkle for sparkle and rhinestone for rhinestone. You can go for the same themed tiaras ivory/ cream gown will go best with gold-tone or ivory-pearl tiaras and a white gown will go best with silver-tone, white pearl and rhinestone tiaras. But the golden rule is, don’t overdo it, if your gown has heavy works go for minimal jewellery.

  • Neckline of the gown- the neckline of your gown is the most important thing when you are buying jewelry. Nowadays strapless gowns are on trend, which means most of the skin will be visible, and you can use jewellery at that space. A heavy choker or gorgeous necklace with drops can go really well to complete your look, which won’t look too bare.

  • Bridal Veil- most of the brides use veils to their wedding, and others use tiaras and headpiece. If you are using a wedding veil you need to decide if you want to place it high on your head or on the bottom. If you are having a low bun, you can have a higher placed veil with a tiara to complete the look. A lower placed veil will look gorgeous with a floral headpiece.

  • Hairstyle- longer hair can provide you with more options in hairstyles. If you have short hair you will need a delicate tiara which will require lots of pinning to hold in a place. Brides with short hair can also go with headband style tiaras. Longer hair can make a beautiful bun, where you can use a pretty veil with a gorgeous headpiece or a minimal tiara to finish the look.

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