What is a portable compressor

The rise of portable and practical compressors is increasing, since they make our lives easier and allow us to do our work more comfortably and with the guarantee and effectiveness of one of industrial size . But you have wondered how they work, what are their components, or how is their operation really being so small and compact, because in the following article I give myself the task of sharing with you some of these elements that make us use more and more and in a practical, safe and efficient way this type of machines for our projects.

What is a portable compressor

These are a type of compact machine, easy to move and manipulate, which is responsible for compressing the air and expelling it through adapted nozzles and hoses that allow us to use different tools. I tell you that its difference consists, in relation to the traditional ones, in that it can be used, in spaces and areas where an average or industrial size compressor cannot.

They are generally used in domestic places or for simple tasks and with tools that do not demand a lot of air pressure , which makes their use increasingly greater due to the ease provided by the new tools by not having such execution mechanisms complex, but the mechanisms of the latest tools are becoming simpler, but also more powerful this type of compressors.


History of portable compressors

I tell you that the history of portable compressors dates back to the middle of the 20th century , since by 1960, with the rise of vehicles and the need to maintain them and always keep them clean and shiny, smaller and smaller compressors were developed. , to be able to access spaces where large compressors could not reach, and also to use compressed air in the tires or rims of the vehicles, to be able to inflate them on the road or to be able to make simple repairs of these at home.

I also tell you that another of the things that drove the boom in the design and manufacture of this type of compressors is due to the appearance of magazines and “do it yourself” format programs , where the simple way of doing things was shown. the one who made them had the help of a compressor at home. But this made people at home had to sacrifice space in their home to have a medium-size machine, which made very few people actually buy a compressor for their home, which made the industry of the 70 ‘s start researching and developing what would later become known as a mini compressor.

However, it is good that you know that the use of these small tools was not limited only to domestic use, but due to its size and comfortable use it also began to be used in industrial processes that required less pressure and minimal and specific uses of compressed air , also in areas such as art, home appliance repair, in agricultural areas for specific processes, which makes its versatility one of its great advantages since it was designed until today where its development is every older time.

Operation of a portable compressor

I explain that the operation of this type of compression mechanism is simple, since they have easy-to-implement components, because there are several models on the market, I will tell you what is the general operation and the basic principle of this type of machine. The first thing you have to know is that this type of compressor completely depends on its connection to the current , which makes its internal mechanism activate and can extract the air and provide compressed air at low pressure.

The intake works similar to that of a normal compressor, as it has an intake valve that can regulate the flow of air that enters, as well as a filter to prevent unwanted elements from entering the mechanism. Once the air enters, I tell you that it is transferred to the interior where a rotor with blades generates the pressure necessary to compress and expel the air, making the air that enters pass from the intake system to the exhaust system. Continuous form.

The compression system consists of a small rotor that rotates constantly at the programmed speed according to the planned compression, it is important that you know that there are some compressors of this type that only supply compressed air at a preset pressure and that this cannot be modified, which limit the use of your compressor to certain tools ; After receiving the air, the rotor blades are in charge of printing rotational pressure to the air, which forces it to be transferred with a certain speed and dynamism to the exhaust system, thus delivering compressed air.

For this reason, the exhaust system receives a constant air flow that is delivered directly to the tool by means of a hose , but which is previously regulated by a valve that is responsible for delivering the necessary amount of air and makes it impossible for the excess air to be return to the mechanism and generate mixed ventilation forces. For this last operation, some models have a mini pressure gauge, which indicates the pressure and operation of the compressor you are using, which helps you to monitor the operation of your machine and project the effectiveness of your machine over time. job.

Some also have other types of accessories, such as flashlights and lamps to be used in places with little light, external chargers for places where there is no electricity and you need to do specific jobs, others bring accessories for vehicles in case you need them for use in the car, that’s why I tell you that all this will depend on the model you buy or what you need for your work, since the booming development of this type of compressors makes its operation increasingly versatile and comprehensive.


What are the components of a portable compressor

The operation of this type of compressors not only depends on a central component, but on several that make the complete system work , so I would like to tell you which components are part of this machine:

  • Electrical system , this is the component responsible for keeping your compressor running at all times.
  • Valve system , are the ones that will help you regulate the air inlet and outlet pressure of your compressor.
  • Compressor mechanism , is responsible for compressing the incoming and outgoing air to the machine.
  • Pressure and evolution system , is the component that helps you know the pressure with which the mechanism comes out and evaluate if it is working correctly.
  • Exhaust system , is responsible for making the air reach the tools that you connect to the compressor.

Advantages of using a portable compressor

Portable compressors offer you multiple advantages, so I will summarize some of them below:

  • Comfortable and compact size , which means that it can be used in spaces where an average size compressor cannot reach.
  • Ideal for housework , since its work capacity adapts very well to the tools you use at home to make repairs.
  • Low energy consumption , due to its size and efficiency, it does not consume much electricity, which gives you an advantage that other larger models cannot.
  • Multiple accessories , which makes it possible to come or you can order it with all the accessories you need without problems, from lamps, flashlights, straps, such as car chargers or wireless.

Disadvantage of using a portable compressor

However, this type of mini compressors, as they are also known, presents some disadvantages when using them , which I would like to tell you about so that you can better evaluate your decision:

  • Low responsiveness , which makes it impossible for you to connect it to more powerful tools in case of a job.
  • Short duration of work , since due to its size and design it does not allow it to be used in long working hours and time.
  • It does not store compressed air , which means that you cannot adjust the air pressure or have more powerful discharges in some cases
  • Little or no capacity to receive maintenance , which means that in case of breakdowns you have to buy another one, since its repairs are usually complicated and often impossible.
  • Not responding to all kinds of tools , which makes your work limited, preventing you from developing professional jobs.

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