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What is QuickBooks Desktop? Dial +1-860-397-6051 To Know More

by alice jackson
Quickbooks Desktop Support Number

QuickBooks Desktop accounting software provides various improved features to its users. To access your growing business, the simplest and reliable QuickBooks Desktop is available. To get additional information on QuickBooks Desktop, dial QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number +1-860-397-6051

What is QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop accounting software has been developed to manage suppliers, customers and bank accounts proficiently. Handling business finances with QuickBooks Desktop is not a stressful or time-consuming process. It has an excellent interface, rich automation, and functionality. Besides, QuickBooks Desktop handles accounting tasks of multiple companies and offers numerous batch invoicing feature, sample files, additional inventory options, and industry-specific versions.

The business accounting software comprises useful features so let’s take an overview of its features.  For detailed information on QuickBooks Desktop, dial QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number +1-860-397-6051

QuickBooks Desktop Features

Here are the features that QuickBooks Desktop offers you for the business accounting needs:

  • Infinite companies

QuickBooks Desktop helps in managing the finances for more than one company. It requires a separate subscription for every set of company books. Also, you have the choice to create multiple company files.

  • Sample company files

QuickBooks includes a feature of “Sample company files” that can be created for multiple industries. Additionally, these files can be used to practice or experiment on QuickBooks Desktop without interfering with your company data.

  • Multiple inventory tracking options

You can track inventory in two ways via QuickBooks Desktop provides the FIFO method and the average cost method. The average cost method is available at the time of buying the Advanced Inventory add-on module. On the other hand, FIFO calculates the value of inventory and the cost of goods sold at the time of accounting period.

  • Batch invoicing

The feature offers you batch invoicing capability. It gives permission to invoice multiple customers at the same point of time. Batch invoicing will speed up your invoicing time and permits you to print them on a single click.

  • Industry-specific versions 

QB Desktop provides industry-specific features for businesses that fall under different industries. It includes manufacturing, retail, construction and wholesale, professional services, and nonprofit.

If you are thinking to purchase QB desktop, then you must know about the QuickBooks Desktop versions.

To get additional information on QuickBooks Desktop, dial QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number +1-860-397-6051.

Quick Books Desktop Versions

Here are the three different QuickBooks Desktop products i.e. QB Pro, Enterprise, and Premier:

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is ideal for small businesses with 1-3 users. It is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of small or mid-size businesses. QB Pro tracks both vendors, clients, and handles the entire banking-related tasks.

Here are the interesting and flexible features of QB Pro Desktop:

  • Powerful Email System

It offers email system that permits multiple attachments, customize email templates, option to view prior email conversations with advanced email functionalities.

  • Gather Bank Transactions

It helps in gathering all bank transactions from different bank accounts. This manner, it’s become easy for you to organize them for taxation purposes.

  • Calendar View

The particular feature assists you in creating your billing, invoices and other important tasks.

  • Invoice via Email

With the help of Pro, customers as well as the suppliers will receive estimates and invoices directly from the business email accounts.

  • Access Contact Information

You can easily access contacts information of the vendors, customers and employees.

QuickBooks Premier

It is the perfect option for small to medium-size businesses. QuickBooks Premier will perfectly work for 1-5 users. QB Premier is known for on-premise accounting solution that assists its users to pay bills, print checks, and track expenses.

To get additional information on QuickBooks Desktop, dial QuickBooks Customer Service Number +1-860-397-6051.

The features of QuickBooks Premier are given here:

  • Accountant Tools

The particular feature will allow you to exchange account files with clients. Besides it also permits you to review balances, adjust entry and add workpaper references in one screen.

  • Accounts Payable

You can track accounts payable with the assistance of this feature. The specific feature allows you to create and print checks. It allows you to view the money where you have spent, the cost of goods sold, and many more things.

  • Inventory

This feature allows you to track inventory and it will avoid backorders and overbuying. Along with this, it will give you an alert before reordering a product. Also, It assists in tracking raw materials and finished goods both.

  • Purchase Orders

The feature permits you to instantly create purchase orders. You just need to choose the right vendor from a list of vendors and select an inventory item to order.

  • General ledger

The General ledger in QB Premier allows you to stay on top of business financial position. Along with this, it will also show you the credited and debited amount, important reminders, and expense performance metrics.

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is ideal for large businesses and perfectly works with 1-30 users. QB Enterprise is an accounting solution that is scalable for small to mid sizes businesses across many industries verticals. It track sales, organizes books, manage inventory, and even run payroll.

It comes with industry-specific features that help to grow your business, let’s have a look at the features:

  • Ease to Manage Reports and Finances

There is an option to view all your financial transactions to get a fair idea about the income and expenses of the business. This feature will help you in adding expense transactions, including transaction from multiple bank accounts in one place.

  • Define User Roles and Permissions

On the basis of the departments and work responsibilities, you can give your employees role-based access to the data. It means that you have central access of the software from where you can allot user roles and grant permissions to your employees.

  • Streamlined Employee/Payroll Management

The feature assists you in calculating deductions, earnings, payroll taxes of the employees. To track your contractor time and employees, you can check customizable reports.

  • Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning

The particular feature gives you permission to sync with your company’s workers. For this, it’s mandatory to connect to the web.

  • Secure and Productivity Tool

QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to see billing, invoices, past transactions, past due in the calendar view, attaching a receipt. Moreover, the software find items in the sales order business, include custom fields, a sales receipt.

On a Final Note

Unquestionably, you have understood what QuickBooks Desktop is, its features and the product details. QuickBooks Desktop will be the perfect solution if you have your own product-based business that involves complex inventory tracking needs or you are performing accounting for many purposes.

To get additional information on QuickBooks Desktop, dial QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number +1-860-397-6051.

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